7 Quick Takes: Room Sharing, Birthdays, Swing

1. The girls have been sharing a room for a few weeks and it’s going great! So much better than I expected, which is a nice surprise. Sure, there are iPads involved at bedtime and I think I’m supposed to feel guilty or badly about that but…I don’t. They wake up together in the mornings and they talk to each other at night and it’s just all working out really well.

I ended up putting them in the big room, so there’s a full and a queen bed in there with a nightstand in between the beds. I think I will probably buy the bunk bed sometime this summer and shift them back to the small, pink room that is the other half of the jack-and-jill bedroom/bathroom setup, but as far as a free trial goes this is working out nicely. It is also giving me plenty of leverage in the meantime. “If you want a bunk bed this summer, I suggest you stop talking and go to sleep.”

2. Preston had a birthday. I had a birthday. We had cake and presents and it was all really lovely but I could not shake this suffocating feeling of doomsday for pretty much the entire month of January. After a lot of thinking, I decided it was because I am still pretty well traumatized (I tried to think of a less dramatic word here, but no, this is the right word for how I feel) from Preston’s delivery and the following week in the hospital. From the day he was born (the 23rd) to my birthday (the 27th) in 2013? Those were horrible days. It was all such a surprise and my baby was fine right up until he allegedly wasn’t and that dread feeling of having the rug yanked out from under me was especially sticky these past few weeks, more so on the days in between our birthdays. I wondered several times if I will be able to approach those four days in future years with anything but anxiety. I think it will get more dull and more fleeting, the more years I put between then and now, but I just wasn’t expecting it. I’m glad those two days are behind me for the year.

3. I am in a huge meal planning rut of misery (as in, I don’t cook any more because why bother because everything is horrible for us  or poisoned or full or carbs or dairy or other things people say cause cancer and there’s no point in even TRYING so let’s have cake for dinner). I  am verrrrrry close to forking over the cash for Fresh 20 just so I don’t have to think about it.  

4. Chris pressure washed the back patio and WOW that’s amazing technology. Water! Under pressure! To clean things! Were it not for the gross waste of fresh water I am sure it would be 100% hippie approved. The patio is so clean I would probably eat off it.

5. I ripped out the garden last weekend and I haven’t decided if I’m going to give it another go this year. I have a huge failure rate where the garden is concerned. I have considered maybe just doing only herbs, since they’re pretty low maintenance and I do seem to use herbs in almost every meal if I have them. But….I haven’t decided yet. We’ll see.

6. As Preston threw (yet another) plate of food on the floor yesterday I told Chris that we really should get a dog JUST TO EAT PRESTON’S FOOD OFF THE FLOOR. And he said that was not a good reason to get a dog and I said, well YOU are not sweeping the kitchen floor five times a day, it really DOES make sense if you think about it. (We are not getting a dog.)

7. Preston got a little bucket swing for this birthday and it looks so cute on the swingset. Three swings! Three kids. Love it.


  1. Jaida
    January 28, 2014 3:03 pm

    I’m sorry you have to deal with lingering yuck from Preston’s birth. My first was born very unexpectedly at 30 weeks in November of 2006. We lived in Southern California at the time and up until we moved away 3.5 years later, the quality of the light and the feel of the air that time of year was enough to really put me in a funk for a few weeks each November. It sucks because it casts a pall on what should be a time of celebration and, for me anyway, increased the bitterness I felt over the loss of a “normal” birth experience.

    I did find that it lessened every year and now that I live in MN (yes, the one where kids have had FIVE days off school in January alone for dangerous cold…eeps) I sail through the month of November with nothing but a sense of gratefulness for how things turned out.

    I think you’ll get there too. I do think it’s good to talk about it each year and not just ignore the feelings. A lot of people will dismiss the journey in favor of focusing on the adorably chubby outcome, but I don’t think that helps.

    Happy birthday to you and your beautiful boy.

  2. Life of a Doctor's Wife
    January 28, 2014 9:36 pm

    Meal planning rut over here, too. There are approximately seven things in my cooking repertoire that my husband I both like AND that are easy and don’t require much planning ahead or prep work. But booooorrrrrrring. I am so sick of it all.

    I am so sorry to hear that the birth trauma has hit you anew. So so hard, to have a baby in the nicu.

    P.S. Your kids are adorable.

  3. Kim Belcik
    January 28, 2014 10:38 pm

    The Fresh 20 is good. I tried it for a while but then grew bored with it so I haven’t done it in several months (I wonder if my subscription is still valid?) I bought the basic plan but I only cooked like 3 out of the 5 meals and had to substitute some stuff because the kids wouldn’t eat kale, etc.

  4. K
    January 29, 2014 8:59 pm

    I would like to get a chef for dinners Monday through Friday. I feel like this would solve my dinner rut problem quite well. T has yet to get on board.

    January 29, 2014 10:59 pm

    A’Dell, all I could think about when I wished you a happy birthday on Facebook was the emotions you must have been feeling. If the idea of them made even me upset, I can’t even image what you went through. I think it’s okay to feel that way…but hopefully, throughout the years as you move further and further away from that memory, Preston and you will just share a wonderful birthday week together and get to do fun stuff as mother and son. Imagine that! Don’t beat yourself up, but hopefully only the best is to come for both of you.

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