7 Quick Takes: Easter Menu, Naps

1. We spent the past few days with my parents and my kids were just awful. They were high on vacation fumes and late bedtimes and not-so-wholesome car snacks and restaurant food. Preston is at that special age where he KNOWS he’s not supposed to do certain things but them he smiles and DOES THEM ANYWAY. There is not a cabinet door or stereo button that he can resist. He is also very fond of throwing things on the floor when he’s finished eating/drinking them, which is SO SUPER FUN. (IT’S NOT REALLY FUN.)

So, we came home. Enough of THAT.

2. I am ready for Preston to be a One Nap Baby. Or really, a One Nap Toddler. He’s taking a longish nap in the morning (930-12) and then a shortish afternoon nap (1-230) and what would actually be better for everyone is if he just took a long afternoon nap (say, 1-4). Sometimes I can get him to do this, but it requires a lot of running around town and keeping him occupied. I am trying to remember when the girls dropped the morning nap but of course I can’t, because details like this just don’t stick around years after they’re unimportant.

3. I am hosting a giant Easter egg hunt and brunch for my family and then the next day I am going to New Orleans without my kids (my mother is staying here with them), and I only yesterday realized that this was perhaps poor planning. Or, maybe brilliant planning, I’m not sure. Anyway, Easter brunch needs to be a simple affair because there’s the egg hunt going on so I can’t be cooking a bunch that morning and then I’ll want it all put away and cleaned up fast because I’ve got to go pack because there are beignets waiting for me. We will be having:

Quiche Lorraine (I’m going to make two, we have a lot of people coming over.)

Costco Ham (cold)

Some kind of green salad, possibly from a bag, possibly from Costco.

Two tins of Sister Schubert rolls

Strawberry Hibiscus Tea Lemonade, but only if I am on top of things enough to make it in advance. It’s realllllly good. I made it for a baby shower a few years ago and I kind of want to get my punch bowl out. I think the girls will like it and adults can spike it with vodka if they’d like.

Strawberry Almond Tart, because it’s make-ahead and because it’s DELICIOUS. Here’s a picture from last year of one I made. I make this a lot.

Strawberry Almond Cream Cheese Tart

4. I already posted this on Instagram, but my mom just gave me some china that was at my great grandmother’s house and I just think it’s DARLING and we are going to use it for Easter in a mix-and-match sort of way with my other plain white china I got for my wedding. It’s called Warwick Dresden and replacements.com says was discontinued in the 1920′s.


But then I found this ad in a Miami paper with the pattern for sale at Burdine’s in 1946 (ISN’T THE INTERNET AMAZING?!), so I have no idea where it came from or how old it really is. ┬áIt’s still at my mom’s house so maybe when I get it there will be some kind of stamp on it that will tell me more. I think it’s so pretty though. (Click the Burdine’s ad to embiggen.)

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 10.27.41 AM
5. I am very excited that Prince George, Kate and Wills are touring New Zealand and Australia and I am verrrrry excited for any large jewelry Kate might wear. Especially tiaras.

6. I am struggling to think of two more takes so I think we’ll just cut it short today.

Bluebonnet Season

Bluebonnets are a Texas obsession every spring. Did it rain enough for a good season? Where are the best patches? People whisper that they’re spectacular over off of that windy road. Others grumble that it’s just not a very good showing this year, THAT DARNED DROUGHT. And, shhhhh, don’t tell anyone because I don’t want them to get all trampled but the very best patch for photos this year is over off of MumbleSomething Drive. But definitely don’t tell anyone.

Bluebonnets at Camp Mabry

We found our patch at Camp Mabry this year. Nestled among the artillery and fighter jets on display there was a completely spectacular patch of bluebonnets that hardly anyone had been to, which makes it totally amazing.

Bluebonnets at Camp Mabry

Bluebonnets at Camp Mabry

The kids weren’t all that into taking photos (WHEN ARE THEY EVER?) and Preston was displaying some serious flight risk tendencies, but we got what we got.

Then Preston started pulling hair and Claire got bit by some ants and that’s when things started to go downhill. This entire series of photos took place over maaaaaaybe seven minutes.

Bluebonnets at Camp Mabry

Bluebonnets at Camp Mabry

Bluebonnets at Camp Mabry

Bluebonnets at Camp Mabry

The weather has been just spectacular. If you live in a place where it snowed today I AM REALLY SORRY. Texas definitely has some crap weather (tornadoes! 110-degree days!) but springtime in Texas can be just plain old lovely.

Bluebonnets at Camp Mabry

Bluebonnets at Camp Mabry

A Bunch of Cool Stuff I Found on Etsy

When I’m finished reading Twitter and email (ughhh, email) and Facebook and all mah blogs in Feedly, I open my Etsy app and check out the Trending section and also a feed of people I follow (which are really people Etsy followed for me, but they seem to have good taste) and I just scroll through and if I like something I favorite it. Sometimes I look for specific things, but mostly I just browse. The app is reallllly good at helping me browse, because I often find the site completely overwhelming. Highly recommend the app for your time-killing, money-spending needs.

This is a few months worth of favorites.

Zipper Pouch, $32

I want to put all my lip gloss in here and keep it in my purse. At this price though, it would be more expensive than all my drugstore lip gloss.

awesome stuff

Canvas Tote Bag, $34

I need another tote bag like I need a hole in my head BUT I WANT THIS SO BADLY.

grown ass

Handmade Wooden Play Castle, $169

Spendy, but ADORABLE. (It has a working drawbridge!)


Felt Soft Serve Ice Cream Cone, $35

Isn’t this DARLING? It’s so expensive for a single piece of play food but IT IS SO DARLING. (The drips!)



Personalized Tree Skirt, $130

I have been shopping for a legit grown-up tree skirt with our name on it for yeaaaaaars. I have shopped the Pottery Barn ones (MEH) and the department store ones (FEELS CHEAP) and THIS IS THE SKIRT, GUYS. I’m going to order it this summer. I JUST LOVE IT.

tree skirt

PS There are matching stockings. We already have stockings but if we didn’t I would be ALL OVER THESE.


Vintage Map of Texas Railroad, $130

This thing is pretty sweet. It’s large format and printed on three panels. The dude running this shop has items from almost every state and lots of really neat vintage maps and photos to choose from. Neat gifts for a hard-to-shop-for person.


Baby Headbands

I totally already bought both of these and sent them to my sister-in-law for her new baby girl. SO CUTE. This one was $4 and shipped crazy fast.


And this set was so cute too and also shipped quickly. I can’t remember how much they cost but her whole shop is adorable.


Tooth Fairy Pillow, $5

Hey, I also bought this too! I have it stashed for when Claire loses her first tooth. For a few extra bucks the lady embroidered her name on it.


Test Tube Chandelier, $215

This is the kind of thing I can totally see in a Pottery Barn catalog in two years.


Coffee Pillow, $35+

I don’t really know where I’d put this. I don’t actually have any adorable chairs just begging for a twee and wry pillow but I still kind of love it. It’s always time for coffee at my house.


Personalized Bangle Bracelets, $65

This is on my list for Mother’s Day. I am not really huge into kiddo name jewelry but I do like bangles and I really liked how the words on these were on the SIDE and not the TOP, so the text is a bit more discreet. I also like the heart that keeps them all together.




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